Justin Sun’s WTO Ambassadorship Ends After SEC Charges

• Justin Sun’s tenure as Grenada’s Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) ended on March 31.
• Sun stated he gained valuable experience and insights during his time as ambassador.
• He plans to focus on crypto regulation and the digital economy going forward.

Justin Sun’s Ambassadorial Role at the World Trade Organisation Ends

Justin Sun, Tron founder and Grenada’s Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), announced that his term came to an end on March 31st 2023.

Experience Gained During Time as Ambassador

Sun noted that he gained valuable experience during his tenure in this role, having been able to gain insights into various trade issues from representatives across the globe.

Plans for Future Focus

With his diplomatic status now over, Sun is preparing to hand over duties to a successor while taking some time off before continuing his career in public service with a particular focus on digital economy and crypto regulation – areas which he believes are essential for future development and trade.

SEC Accusations Against Tron Boss

This announcement comes shortly after the US Securities & Exchange Commission accused Tron boss of fraud and market manipulation.


In conclusion, Justin Sun has officially stepped down from his ambassadorial role at the World Trade Organization after gaining valuable experience throughout his tenure in this position. Going forward, he plans to take some time off before focusing on crypto regulation and digital economy as these areas are crucial for future trade and development.